Starting with Linux: Getting into the Desktop

linux_logo.gif Understanding your desktop In the past few years, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) available for Linux have become as easy to use as those on the Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows systems. With these improvements, even a novice computer user can start using Linux without needing to have an expert standing by. Using the K desktop environment Using the GNOME desktop environment You don’t need to understand the underlying framework of the X Window System, window managers, widgets, and whatnots to get going with a Linux desktop system. That’s why I start by explaining how to use the two most popular desktop environments: KDE (K desktop environment) and GNOME. After that, if you want to dig deeper, I tell you how you can put together your own desktop by discussing how to choose your own X-based window manager to run in Linux.

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Starting with Linux: Creating New Files and Folders

linux_logo.gif You can create a variety of file types when using the Konqueror window. Choose Edit Create New, and select Folder (to create a new folder) or one of several different types under the File or Device submenu. Depending on which version of Konqueror you are using, you might be able to create some or all of the file types that follow: HTML File — Opens a dialog box that lets you type the name of an HTML file to create. Illustration Document — Opens a dialog box that lets you create a document in kontour format (an illustration). Type the document name you want to create and click OK. The document should have a .kil extension if you want it to automatically open in kontour.

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